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Every great advance in research and scholarship begins with a "Hmm." A desire to push a boundary. Kick open a door. Answer a question. Maryland welcomes brilliant, curious faculty and students. By supporting endowed professorships, graduate fellowships, new labs and more, you can help recruit and keep the best and brightest here to discover new knowledge.

The university’s gifted professors produce groundbreaking research. They attract, teach and mentor brilliant graduate students. They inspire and prepare undergraduates to become the next generation of innovators. They are the foundation of a world-class academic enterprise.

The Impact of an Endowed Faculty Position

Endowed professorships allow us to attract and retain top faculty. Highly sought after and long held, these named positions confer lasting prestige on the scholar as well as the donor.

Only one faculty member in 32 holds an endowed position at the University of Maryland, far too few to secure leadership in many growing disciplines. And our endowment is well below those of our institutional peers.

That must change. Your gift to endow a faculty position can galvanize scholarship in a critical field. It can serve as an academic center of gravity, drawing in research funding and top teaching talent. It can elevate the reputation of a department—and indeed, of the University of Maryland itself. That is the power of an endowed professorship.

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Endowed Professorships and Fellowships

Because they are so highly prized within the education field, endowed professorships are a powerful tool for recruitment and retention. They confer prestige upon the faculty recipient, recognizing both superior achievement and exceptional promise. These positions also help advance scholarship in and bolster the importance of the discipline they represent. Departments with endowed professorships are more likely to receive outside funding and are consistently more highly ranked nationwide.

Endowed awards for junior faculty at the assistant professor level are equally important to Maryland’s success. The appointment of a faculty fellow signals distinctive recognition of talented junior researchers or scholars and makes financial resources available for career-enhancing opportunities, such as travel to academic conferences or residencies at institutes of specialized research. They also serve as a powerful means of retaining our rising stars, keeping the University of Maryland one step ahead of the competition.

Endowed Faculty Chairs

The University of Maryland’s success in advancing breakthrough research, creating lifesaving inventions and developing the next generation of leaders depends on recruiting, retaining and advancing great faculty.

Endowments to name our senior academic leadership posts are among the most important gifts the university can receive. These investments allow Maryland to attract the very best scholars and teachers to guide the future of our institution. They honor—and inspire—exceptional, sustained records of achievement. And they provide critical funds to address essential priorities and new opportunities in ever-changing fields of study.

Endowed Deanships

One of the most influential and visible people on campus, the dean of a University of Maryland college or school is widely regarded as a visionary leader in his or her field of study. An endowed deanship provides discretionary funds to help a dean realize his or her vision. The funds might be used to support the dean’s research as well as to implement strategic college or school initiatives, such as a creating a lecture series to bring world-renowned scholars to campus, an incubator fund to support high-impact innovations or a competitive faculty grant to stimulate new course development. Universities with endowed deanships have a significant advantage in recruiting and retaining the nation’s top academic leaders.

Donors who endow these jewel-in-the-crown positions create a lasting legacy, indelibly linking their generosity with leadership at the forefront of their chosen field. Whether addressing an academy, presenting a research paper or securing a patent, these nationally distinguished scholars carry with them the names of their benefactors, or that of whomever the donor wishes to honor.