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We are compelled to address the great societal issues of our time through our unparalleled academic and research enterprise.

Education has the power to improve the life of every person on earth. Founded with a mission to serve the state and nation, we are compelled to address the great societal issues of our time through our unparalleled academic and research enterprise. Integrating science and technology with the arts and humanities, we will develop the next generation of global citizens, dedicated to do good for our communities. We will vigorously pursue the discovery of new knowledge and apply it for the advancement of all, both locally and globally. This is not merely a campaign for the University of Maryland, it’s a campaign for humankind.

That is our Fearless Idea.

Campaign priorities

Our campaign priorities are the foundation for our Fearless future, elevating and expanding our mission of service, enhancing our academic distinction and bolstering our leading-edge research enterprise.

$1.5 Billion



Ethical Hacking: What if instead of being villains, hackers are the heroes of the cyber underworld? Dr. Timothy Summers shares his #FearlessIdeas.

Diagnostic Breakthrough: What if we could detect Alzheimer's before symptoms even appear? These Clark School Terps share their #FearlessIdeas.

Solar Decathlon: What if all homes could be completely solar and sustainable? Terps from the UMD Solar Decathlon Team share their#FearlessIdeas.


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    Campaign News

    The generosity of our donors creates a Fearless future for the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators and global leaders.

    campaign leadership

    Meet the leaders of the most ambitious and comprehensive fundraising effort in the university's history.

    We build students' dreams—our dreams—one scholarship, one faculty member, one hands-on experience at a time. I encourage you to join in our ascendant journey. Together, we will build our Fearless future.

    Wallace D. Loh, President

    Campaign Co-chairs

    Alma G. Gildenhorn Portrait

    Alma G. Gildenhorn

    Barry P. Gossett Portrait

    Barry P. Gossett

    William E. “Brit” Kirwan Portrait

    William E. “Brit” Kirwan

    Karen B. Levenson Portrait

    Karen B. Levenson

    Michelle Smith Portrait

    Michelle Smith

    Craig A. Thompson Portrait

    Craig A. Thompson

    Honorary Co-chairs

    Courtney Clark Pastrick Portrait

    Courtney Clark Pastrick

    Brendan Iribe Portrait

    Brendan Iribe

    Kevin A. Plank Portrait

    Kevin A. Plank