University of Maryland

College of

Arts and Humanities

The grand challenges facing society require innovative thinking grounded in humanistic concerns. The College of Arts and Humanities (ARHU) provides broad knowledge about the human experience as well as the analytical and communication skills employers seek. ARHU prepares the next generation of creative problem solvers and global visionaries whose cultural understanding and inclusive leadership will revolutionize humanistic, artistic, scientific, technical and business solutions.

Scholarships and Faculty Support

Graduate Fellowships

Dean’s humanities graduate fellowships will enhance research and prepare the next generation of humanities scholars.

Unrestricted Scholarships

ARHU will create unrestricted scholarships to bolster undergraduate recruitment across the range of musical specializations and create new graduate assistantships in the performing arts.

Endowed Positions

The College of Arts and Humanities will endow distinguished faculty fellowships, professorships, and chairs to bring leading scholars to Maryland.

Emerging Scholars

We will support emerging scholars (Post-Doctorates) and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and research.

New Facilities

The College of Arts and Humanities will raise funds to support the creation of world-class environments that facilitate collaboration within the college, across campus and with cultural heritage and scholarly institutions worldwide. As a recognized leader in the digital humanities, funds will support the technology and related environments that spur new interdisciplinary innovation and institutional transformation in the arts and humanities.

Programs and Initiatives

This campaign will support an array of key ARHU programs and initiatives, including:

Contact Information:
Laura Brown, Assistant Dean for Development
Phone: 301.405.6339