University of Maryland

School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation

Maryland’s School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (MAPP) is dedicated to meeting the economic, environmental and social challenges of the 21st century. Through demonstrated excellence in planning, designing, developing and preserving our built environment, MAPP’s community of makers strives to make a more beautiful, more just and more sustainable world.

Scholarships and Faculty Support

Scholarships and Fellowships

We will raise funds and provide student scholarships and fellowships at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. It will significantly expand choices for students to study abroad, gain experiential knowledge and develop expertise in new and innovative ways.

Faculty Support

By generating new funds to endow 4 professorships and 1 chair, the campaign will raise the scholarly and creative profile of MAPP’s faculty, especially in sustainability, resilience, technology and the built environment.

Programs and Initiatives

Establishing new interdisciplinary programs and initiatives will allow MAPP to set itself apart from other schools of its kind and further solidify its reputation as a world-class innovator in the exploration and transformation of the built environment:

Contact Information:
Andrea Morris, Interim Assistant Dean of Development
Phone: 301.405.8628