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Robert H. Smith School of Business

The world’s most pressing economic, social and environmental challenges present rewarding business opportunities to fearless leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. The Robert H. Smith School of Business seeks to have a lasting impact and create long-term value by equipping students to assess the world’s complex problems and deliver innovative solutions.

Scholarships and Faculty Support

50/50 by 2020 Initiative

The Smith School of Business is committed to attracting the most talented and diverse students to College Park, regardless of their ability to pay for a higher education. Of particular interest is the growth of MBA scholarships. Specifically, the new 50/50 by 2020 Initiative aims to achieve gender parity in our MBA programs within the next five years and sustain a vibrant, inclusive learning environment for female students.

+1 programs

Additionally, the Smith School is seeking scholarships for the +1 programs that encourage students to add an additional year onto their undergraduate career to secure a specialty masters. These specialty masters programs provide students with additional expertise in specific fields, making them more valuable to employers and more skilled in their chosen profession.

Endowed chairs and professorships

Endowed chairs and professorships allow Maryland to recruit and retain the very best faculty to guide the future of our institution. The Smith School of Business will endow at least five professorships and two chairs.

New Facilities

With the anticipated vacancy of the School of Public Policy in 2020, the Smith School will raise funds to renovate and upgrade this facility and other classrooms in Van Munching Hall. All classrooms need more collaborative, flexible working environments and upgraded technology.

Transformational Learning Programs

As student learning transforms, so should the way in which we deliver education. Thanks to the program and support offered by the Smith School Office of Transformational Learning, we are disrupting conventional teaching methods and creating a learning partnership between faculty and students. Funding for transformational learning initiatives will bolster the Innovo Scholars and other programs that improve the learning environment for all Smith students.

Programs and Initiatives

The Smith School of Business will continue to focus on several programmatic areas, including:

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