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Our world must rise to confront a daunting set of global challenges. Disease. Poverty. Racial injustice. Climate change. It will take a bold and fearless generation of students to find solutions. At the University of Maryland, their success is our mission.

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First cohort of Maryland Promise Scholars

Maryland Promise Program Scholars are Thriving on Campus

Scholars in the first cohort of MPP have since completed their freshman year at UMD

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Portrait of Elonna Jones

Scholarships Changed My Life

Elonna Jones ’20 appreciates how scholarships made her education possible

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Portrait of Sandra Raymundo at graduation outside McKeldin Library

Determined to Succeed

The Southern Management Leadership Program was a crucial lifeline for Sandra Raymundo ’18

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Freeing up hospital beds through wearable tech
Emily Cho ’22 / mechanical engineering
Emily co-founded an international team developing a monitor to allow patients to safely go home but remain under the watchful eyes of doctors. The device could one day help prevent overcrowding of hospitals, particularly during high-demand periods.
Plugging into the sun to stay online
Alex Onufrak ’21 / information science
Alex invented a kit to retrofit patio umbrellas with an electricity-generating solar panel for off-grid device charging, making it easy for users to stay cool, connected and committed to sustainability.
Growing hope in food deserts
Brittney Drakeford Ph.D. ‘22 / urban planning
Brittney helps run a community garden and farmers market in her hometown of Capitol Heights and is working to turn abandoned commercial buildings and underused acreage into urban agriculture hubs. In neighborhoods that historically lack healthy food options, she’s expanding the menu.
Making a lithium battery safer, cheaper with water
Jesse Matthews ’21 / chemical engineering, mathematics
Jesse hopes to hang up on exploding cell phones and propel electric cars to new places by replacing flammable solvents in lithium batteries with a clean, abundant alternative—water—that can help power our way to a less carbon-dependent future.

Portrait of Foluke Tuakli

What Maryland Means to Me

by Foluke Tuakli ’17

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Portrait of Gyan Kadariya

I Consider Myself Fortunate

For Gyan Kadariya ’20, the path to Maryland began in a refugee camp in Nepal

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Portrait of Ladeja Robinson

Off to a Great Start

How Maryland’s IAP Scholarship prepared Ladeja Robinson for career success

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Cracking the code for minorities in computer science
Samara Wondimu ’23 and Jessy-Manuella Tientcheu ’23 / computer science
Samara and Jessy-Manuella of UMD’s Code:Black student group hope to expand the pipeline of Black teens majoring in computer science with a mentoring program at local high schools, the kind of “input” that can lead to high-paying careers.
Expanding accessibility for people with disabilities, dementia
Jonathan Katz M.C.P. '21
Jonathan, an urban planner on the autism spectrum, left his New York City government job for UMD to focus on accessibility for thriving communities: clear signage, plentiful public restrooms and benches that people with physical and cognitive impairments can see, reach and use.
Visualizing data to stop deadly crashes
TJ Rainsford Ph.D. ’23 / information science
The former IT professional, now pursuing a doctorate and teaching, guided an undergraduate team through mapping years of traffic accidents in Prince George’s County, making it easier for government officials to see dangerous trends. Now, TJ’s driving to take his online platform statewide.

Grand Challenges Demand Fearless Ideas
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