University of Maryland


To Transform the Student Experience

College is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore who you are. Discover what you want to be. See how big the world really is. In the classroom and far beyond, Maryland students have countless opportunities to find their passion and their purpose. By supporting new and smarter facilities, scholarships, unforgettable study abroad programs and more, you have the power to transform the student experience.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarships don’t just open doors. They break down walls.

Making college affordable is one of the greatest social challenges of our time. For thousands of students every year, the University of Maryland is the gateway to fulfilling careers and economic mobility. We are committed to attracting the most talented and diverse students to College Park, regardless of their ability to pay for a higher education. Your gift in support of scholarships has never been more important.

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Veteran Support

It’s a privilege at Maryland to give our military veterans the best possible opportunity to transition to civilian college life, gain an education and have a rewarding experience on campus.

Through the University of Maryland Veterans Initiative, we’re leading the way nationally in providing student—as well as staff, faculty and alumni—veterans with the resources and support they need to meet their academic and personal goals. Your gifts help fund scholarships, counseling, career advising, social events, mentoring and other programs that allow veterans at UMD to succeed.

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Living-Learning Programs

Nothing connects students more than our highly regarded living-learning programs, in which students with a common interest share residence halls, classrooms, faculty and friendships.

Students can participate in nearly 30 programs on topics including foreign languages, climate change, public health and cybersecurity. Your financial support gives students the opportunity to dig deep into contemporary issues and get unique research experiences. You can touch many students’ lives with your support of living-learning programs; more than half of all first-year students find their niche in one of them.

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Action Learning

The best learning doesn’t always happen in the classroom.

Maryland offers countless unique experiences that go beyond textbook academics. With your support, we can connect students with amazing internships and field research, community service and leadership opportunities, and one of the nation’s most robust education abroad programs. They can explore majors, complement the one they’ve selected or discover a new interest entirely.

When we encourage students to get out, we mean it in the best way.

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