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Research & Programs

A relentless commitment to academic excellence. Thinking differently in the pursuit of innovative, practical solutions to the grand challenges of our time. Creating and sharing new knowledge for the betterment of our local communities, our state, our nation and the world. These are the building blocks of fearless ideas. Maryland offers the right environment for students and faculty to create the next game-changing technology, invention or business. Anytime you make a gift to  Maryland’s pioneering programs, you are helping to turn imagination into innovation.

Tawes Hall

Living-Learning Programs

Nothing connects students more than our highly regarded living-learning programs, in which students with a common interest share residence halls, classrooms, faculty and friendships.

Students can participate in nearly 30 programs on topics including foreign languages, climate change, public health and cybersecurity. Your financial support gives students the opportunity to dig deep into contemporary issues and get unique research experiences. You can touch many students’ lives with your support of living-learning programs; more than half of all first-year students find their niche in one of them.

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Study Abroad students

Study Abroad

For students who want to build their skills in a global context, there’s just no better way than thinking outside the borders.

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Honors College

Engages the University of Maryland’s highest-achieving undergraduates by providing academic challenges and boundless opportunities for discovery.

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Action Learning

The best learning doesn’t always happen in the classroom.

Maryland offers countless unique experiences that go beyond textbook academics. With your support, we can connect students with amazing internships and field research, community service and leadership opportunities, and one of the nation’s most robust education abroad programs. They can explore majors, complement the one they’ve selected or discover a new interest entirely.

When we encourage students to get out, we mean it in the best way.

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College Park Scholars

Offering 12 exciting academic programs that get students thinking analytically through hands-on experiences.

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President’s Promise

Offering every Maryland student the opportunity for a special experience outside the classroom.

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Electric bike capstone project

Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is where our ideas become Fearless.

It’s a presidential initiative to infuse the university with a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) across all 12 schools and colleges. By embedding I&E into the core curriculum, bringing real-world experiential learning into the classroom and giving students opportunities to work across disciplines to creatively solve problems they’re passionate about, the academy prepares students to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. Your support can enhance its exciting initiatives including Fearless Ideas courses, design thinking modules, collaborative learning spaces and Innovation Fridays.

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Anne Arundel Hall

Creating a “Do Good” Campus

The University of Maryland has ignited a culture of philanthropy across the campus with a new model for the college experience that is unparalleled in higher education.

Inspiring a generation of leaders and active citizens equipped to make a difference locally and around the globe, the university through its Do Good Institute immerses students in rich educational experiences including the opportunity to set up and run philanthropic investment funds; develop entrepreneurial skills by competing for support for their big idea in the Do Good Challenge; engage in major international issues; interact with top leaders and philanthropists; and employ their skills to advance the work of nonprofit organizations for significant social impact. Maryland is creating a “do good” campus that produces students and alumni who are committed to developing solutions for improving our world.

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Quantum Science

Quantum Science

The race is on to build the first quantum computer, which scientists believe will be able to solve problems dramatically faster than today’s computers and tackle challenges that are intractable now. In collaboration with other universities in the Washington DC metro area, industry partners and government labs, the University of Maryland is leading the Maryland Quantum Alliance to develop pioneering quantum technologies—including powerful computers, sensors and networks—and train the quantum workforce of tomorrow. The alliance builds on existing assets at UMD, which is already a hub for quantum science and technology.

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Cyber security

Cybersecurity: Research, Leadership and Education

Cybersecurity is no longer a secret battle waged behind the scenes. From preventing identity theft to foiling acts of terrorism, cybersecurity is both a personal necessity and a national priority. With a strategic location inside the Washington DC national capital region and a whole-campus approach to cybersecurity research, UMD is at the forefront of this relentless battle that holds serious implications for America’s national security and economic prosperity, as well as the safeguarding of vital personal data belonging to individual Americans from all walks of life.

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Cybersecurity Fund Maryland Cybersecurity Center

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Sustainability and Climate Change Initiative

Global climate change is one of today’s most urgent challenges, threatening cultures and ecosystems worldwide while endangering public health and economic prosperity.

With our strategic location near the nation’s capital and our strengths in areas including public policy, computer science, agriculture, education and environmental health, our bold Sustainability and Climate Change Initiative will position UMD as a global, results-oriented leader in this critical field. The initiative will establish new interdisciplinary degree programs, extension services and research collaborations to study the impact of global warming, focusing on new adaptive approaches to build resilient societies and mitigate a broad spectrum of harmful effects.

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Book lab arts and humanities

Arts and Humanities

The renowned scientist E.O. Wilson has described the humanities as “the natural history of culture, and our most private and precious heritage.” The humanities are the study of what it means to be human, and the arts are the channels through which we deliver the stories and ideas that express our humanity. They’re central to human understanding and penetrate every aspect of existence, and they can, and should, intersect with the natural and social sciences. To be a truly great university, the University of Maryland must embrace and advance the intersections of arts, the humanities and the sciences in the context of a liberal education devoted to advancing knowledge and nurturing good citizens.

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