University of Maryland students are among the best in the nation. They have the potential to become fearless leaders and innovators, launching tech companies and service organizations, pioneering lifesaving medical therapies and creating bold works that expand the body of human knowledge.

But they can’t do it alone. Your philanthropic support for University of Maryland scholarships and fellowships can make an immediate and abiding impact in their lives—an impact they will remember.

Impact of Endowed Support

Can you imagine the student who will receive the scholarship or fellowship you establish? It might be a young man who is the first in his family to go to college. It might be a young woman who has served her country overseas. It might open doors to an unimagined career. It might make a childhood dream come true.

When you endow a scholarship or fellowship, you open up those possibilities not just for one student today, but for many students—in perpetuity.

Through an endowed gift, you can make a unique, personal mark on an entire field. You can also provide long-lasting, transformative support to an existing program, such as the Dean’s Scholarship, the Incentive Awards Program, the Terrapin Club or the Veteran’s Scholarship Fund.

With our endowment well below those of our institutional peers, your gift to endow an undergraduate scholarship or graduate fellowship can make a tremendous impact, providing tomorrow’s leaders with a world-class University of Maryland education, elevating the reputation of our entire institution and leaving an abiding, named legacy that will continue to do good long into the future.

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UMD’s rank of scholarship and fellowship funding in the Big Ten Conference

Endowed Scholarships

Creating a scholarship is a gesture of faith in someone’s potential. A reward for diligence, perseverance and outstanding achievement. A single vote of confidence that can serve as a defining moment in a budding career.

A long-term investment in the university, an endowed gift grows over time, providing benefits year after year, generation after generation. It helps make a world-class education accessible to talented students from all socio-economic backgrounds and safeguards our mission as a preeminent flagship research university.

Top students receive compelling offers from out-of-state institutions—offers that may outweigh Maryland’s low in-state tuition. In fact, the state of Maryland, home to some of the best high schools in the country, ranks second in the nation in the number of college-bound students it “exports” out of state. Increasing our endowment for undergraduate scholarships is imperative if we are to continue to attract and keep the best and brightest students.


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Endowed Graduate Fellowships

Whether a doctoral student in molecular biology, a master’s student in special education or an MBA candidate in international business, graduate students accelerate research, nurture budding undergraduate scholars, enliven our community with new ideas, and inspire each other and faculty mentors to expand our understanding of the world.

In short, graduate students spark a significant part of the intellectual life of the campus.

The strength of our graduate programs depends on attracting the most promising students from all backgrounds, which is often contingent upon the offer of a graduate fellowship award. That’s why raising funds for graduate fellowships is among our highest priorities, key to efforts to enhance the University of Maryland’s academic reputation and increase its global footprint.

Your gift to endow graduate fellowships can give these rising scientists, artists, engineers, teachers and leaders the resources and the community they need to ask—and answer—the big questions.


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